Quantcast LUBRICATION SYSTEM - TM-5-2815-232-140098

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1. Main oil gallery. 2. Left camshaft oil gallery. 3. Piston cooling jet oil gallery. 4. Piston cooling jet oil gallery. 5. Right
camshaft oil gallery. 6. Turbocharger oil supply. 7. Sequence valve. 8. Sequence valve. 9. Elbow. 10. Oil filter bypass
valve. 11. Oil cooler. 12. Oil cooler bypass valve. 13. Oil pump relief valve. 14. Engine oil pump. 15. Elbow. 16.
Suction bell. 17. Oil filter housing.
This system uses an oil pump (14) with three
Cartridge type filters are located in oil filter
pump gears that are driven by the front gear train. Oil is
housing (17) at the front of the engine. A single bypass
pulled from the pan through suction bell (16) and elbow
valve is located in the oil filter housing.
(15) by the oil pump. The suction bell has a screen to
clean the oil.
Clean oil from the filters goes into the block
through elbow (9). Part of the oil goes to left camshaft oil
The oil pump pushes oil through oil cooler (11)
gallery (2), and the remainder goes to main oil gallery ( ).
and the oil filters to oil galleries (I and 2) in the block.
The fin and tube type oil cooler lowers the temperature of
The camshaft oil galleries are connected to each
the oil before the oil is sent on to the filters.
camshaft bearing by a drilled hole. The oil goes around
each camshaft journal, through the cylinder head and
Bypass valve (12) lets oil flow directly to the
rocker arm housing, to the rocker arm shaft. A drilled
filters if the oil cooler becomes plugged or if the oil
hole connects the bores for the valve lifters to the oil hole
becomes thick enough (cold start) to increase the oil
for the rocker arm shaft. The valve lifters get lubrication
pressure differential (cooler inlet to outlet) by an amount
each time they go to the top of their stroke.
of 180 20 kPa (26 3 psi).


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