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1. Water pump. 2. Tube (to aftercooler). 3. Oil cooler. 4. Block. 5. Cylinder head. 6. Water manifold. 7. Aftercooler.
8. Regulator housing. 9. Tube (to radiator or heat exchanger). 10. Bypass tube.
Coolant goes in water pump (I) through an elbow
The coolant flows up through the water jackets
that connects to the radiator or heat exchanger.  The
and around the cylinder liners from the bottom to the top.
coolant flow is divided at the outlet of the water pump.
Near the top of the cylinder liners, where the temperature
Part of the coolant flow is sent to the aftercooler, while
is the hottest, the water jacket is made smaller. This
most of the coolant is sent through the oil cooler.
shelf (smaller area) causes the coolant to flow faster for
better liner cooling. Coolant from the top of the liners
NOTE: There is one opening on the pump outlet so that
goes into the cylinder head which sends the coolant
a remote pump can be connected to the system. The
around the parts where the temperature is the hottest.
remote pump can be used if there is a failure of the pump
Coolant then goes to the top of the cylinder head and out
on the engine.
through an elbow, one at each cylinder head, into water
manifolds (6) at each bank of cylinders. Coolant goes
Coolant sent to the aftercooler goes through the
through the manifolds to the temperature regulator
aftercooler core, and then is sent through an elbow into a
(thermostat) housing.
passage in the block near the center of the vee at the
rear of the block. The coolant sent to the oil cooler goes
Regulator housing (8) has an upper and lower
through the oil cooler and flows into the water jacket of
flow section, and uses four temperature regulators. The
the block at the right rear cylinder. The cooler coolant
sensing bulbs of the four temperature regulators are in
mixes with the hotter coolant and goes to both sides of
the coolant in the lower section of the housing. Before
the block through distribution manifolds connected to the
the regulators open, cold coolant is sent through the
water jacket of all the cylinders. The main distribution
lower section of the housing and through the bypass line
manifold is located just above the main bearing oil
back to the inlet of the water pump. As the temperature
of the coolant increases


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