Quantcast AIR STARTING SYSTEM-continued

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The flow of air goes through the oiler (3) where it
picks up lubrication oil for the air starting motor.
The air with lubrication oil goes into the air motor
through air inlet (5).  The pressure of the air pushes
against vanes (6) in rotor (7), and then exhausts through
the outlet at bottom of air motor. This turns the rotor
which is connected by gears (9) and a drive shaft to
starter pinion (8) which turns the engine flywheel.
When the engine starts running the flywheel will
start to turn faster than starter pinion (8).  Pinion (8)
retracts under this condition. This prevents damage to
the motor, pinion (8) or flywheel gear.
When starter control valve (4) is released, the air
pressure and flow to piston (10) behind starter pinion (8)
is stopped, piston spring (11) retracts pinion (8). Relay
valve (2) stops the flow of air to the air starting motor.


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