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When using pressure air, wear protective glasses and
Warning Plates and Decals
protective clothing.
Read and understand all Warning plates and decals
Wear ear protective devices to prevent hearing damage,
before operating, lubricating or repairing this equipment.
if working inside an enclosed engine room with engine
Do not attempt any repairs you do not understand.
Fire or Explosion
Do not allow unauthorized personnel on or near the
engine while it is being serviced Do not wear loose
clothing and jewelry whenever working around engines
or machinery.
Stop engine before making adjustments or repairs to the
engine or driven equipment unless specified otherwise.
Attach a "DO NOT OPERATE" tag on the start switch,
start button or air start knob, before servicing the engine.
These tags, Form SEHS7332, are available from your
Caterpillar dealer.
Be sure the remote starting and the automatic start-stop
systems are inoperative on engines being serviced.
A flash fire may result in personal injury if crankcase
Remove the starter key.
covers are removed within 15 minutes after an
emergency shutdown.
Disconnect and tape the battery ground lead before
working on an engine to prevent accidental starting.
Fire may result from lubricating oil or fuel sprayed on hot
surfaces causing personal injury and property damage.
To prevent injury, install guards over all exposed drive
Inspect all lines and tubes for wear or deterioration.
shafts, pulleys, any application with exposed rotating
They must be routed, supported or clamped securely.
Tighten all connections to the recommended torque.
Always use tools that are in good condition and be sure
you understand how to use them before performing any
Keep all exhaust manifold and turbocharger shields in
service work. Remove all tools, electrical cords and any
place to reduce fire hazard.
other loose items from the engine before starting.
Collect drained liquids and wipe up all oil, fuel or coolant
Engine speeds, temperatures and load are the best
indications of performance.
Store oily rags in proper containers. Do not leave rags
Rely on your instruments, record and compare readings
on engine.
to detect developing abnormalities.
Never store flammable liquids near the engine.
Wear a hard hat, face shield, clothing, shoes, respirator
or other protective items when necessary.
Keep all lubricants stored in properly marked containers.
Never put maintenance fluids into glass containers.


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