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Provide adequate and safe waste oil disposal.
When starting from an external power source attach the
ground cable last, and remove it first, to prevent sparks
Oil and fuel filters must be properly installed and
from occurring near the battery. Attach the ground cable
tightened when being changed.
from the booster source to the starter ground terminal.
Diesel fuel and all lubricants are flammable. Do not weld
Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and know how
on pipes or tubes that contain oil. Clean them thoroughly
to use it. Inspect and have it serviced as recommended
with nonflammable solvent before welding.
on its instruction plate or decal.
Do not smoke while refueling.
Loose or damaged lines, or tubes that allow oil, fuel or
To prevent personal injury, do not step up on engine to
coolant to leak can cause overheating and/or fire.
remove the radiator filler cap. Use an adequate ladder.
Do not bend or strike high pressure lines. Do not install
Always inspect the cooling system with the engine
bent or damaged lines and tubes. Do not replace steel
stopped and cool.
tubes with copper tubes.
Extreme caution should be used whenever draining a
Do not allow debris, dirt and foreign material to
lubricant.  The lubricant may be hot and could cause
accumulate around or on the engine. Overheating or fire
personal injury.
could result.
Relieve all pressure in air, oil, fuel or water systems
Wiring must be kept in good condition, properly routed
before  any  lines,  fittings  or  related  items  are
and firmly attached. Routinely inspect wiring for wear or
disconnected or removed. Be alert for possible pressure
deterioration. Loose, unattached, or unnecessary wiring
when disconnecting any device from a system that
must be eliminated. All wires and cables must be of the
utilizes pressure. Do not check for pressure leaks with
recommended gauge and fused if necessary.  Do not
your hand.
use smaller gauge wire or bypass fuses.
connections, recommended wiring and cables properly
Do not touch any part of an operating engine. Allow the
cared for will help prevent arcing or sparking which could
engine to cool before any repairs are performed on the
cause a fire.
Batteries must be kept clean, covers on all cells,
Use caution when removing cover plates.  Gradually
recommended cables and connections used and battery
loosen (do not remove) the last two bolts or nuts located
box covers in place when operating.
at opposite ends of the cover or device. Pry cover loose
to relieve any spring or other pressure, before removing
Do not smoke when observing battery electrolyte level.
the last bolts or nuts.
Batteries give off flammable fumes.
Use caution when removing radiator filler cap, grease
Never disconnect any charging unit circuit or battery
fittings, pressure taps, breathers or drain plugs. Hold a
circuit cable from the battery when charging unit is
rag over the cap or plug to prevent being sprayed or
operating.  A spark can cause the flammable vapor
splashed by liquids under pressure.
mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to explode.


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