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Stop any fuel or oil leak as soon as it is discovered.
Cooling system conditioner contains alkali; do not drink,
or let conditioner contact skin or get in eyes.
Battery electrolyte contains acid. Avoid contact with skin
or eyes.
Preparing to Start
Be sure all protective guards and covers are installed if
an engine must be started to make adjustments or
checks. To help prevent an accident caused by parts in
rotation, work carefully around them.
Do not disable or bypass automatic shutoff circuits.
They are provided to prevent personal injury and
equipment damage.
Never start an engine with the governor linkage
Make provisions for shutting off air supply to stop the
engine if there is an overspeed on start-up after servicing
the engine.
Inspect engine for potential hazards.
See the "Lubrication and Maintenance" section of this
guide for adjustment, or the Service Manual for repairs.
Do not start the engine or move any of the controls if
there is a warning tag attached to the controls.
Make sure no one is working on, or close to the engine
or engine driven components before starting it.
Start and operate engine in well ventilated area. If it is
necessary to operate in a closed area, vent exhaust to
the outside.


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