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3.  Inlet Air Temperature Indicates inlet air
temperature. As the inlet air temperature increases, the
air expands, less fuel is burned in the cylinders, and less
horsepower is developed.  As a result, at full load
governor position with a full load, the engine may be
overloaded. Maximum inlet air temperature is 1150C
4.  Exhaust Temperature Indicates exhaust
gas temperature. The temperature readings are taken
from both the left and right banks. The two readings will
vary slightly from each other. Maximum exhaust
temperature is approximately 480C (900F).
1.  Tachometer - Indicates engine
RPM.  When the governor control
Engine Oil Pressure Indicates
lever is moved to the full speed
engine oil pressure.  The oil pressure
position without load, the engine is
reading will be greatest after starting a
running at high idle.
cold engine. Oil pressure will decrease
as the engine warms while idling. As the
When the governor control lever is moved to the full
engine speed is increased to full load
speed position and load is applied, the engine will slow
speed, oil pressure will increase and stabilize. Minimum
slightly to full load speed.
engine oil pressure is 345 kPa (50 psi), at rated speed.
The engine can be operated between these two speed
6.  Engine Oil Temperature - Indicates
limits for long periods of time without shortening engine
engine oil temperature. The purpose of
life. The high idle RPM, 1980, and the full load RPM,
the oil is to lubricate all moving parts
1800, are stamped on the engine's Altitude Information
inside the engine, and to cool the pistons
and bearings.  The oil cooler transfers
the heat in the oil to the engine jacket water.
2. Engine Jacket Water Temperature -
Indicates engine water temperature.
The water temperature reading may
vary according to load, but should
never exceed the boiling temperature
for the pressurized system being used.
Engine jacket water temperature range is 800 to 100C


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