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Shutoff and Alarm
System Components
Electrical High Water Temperature
Electrical Overspeed Shutoff
This shutoff has an overspeed switch which works
through the governor shutoff solenoid and the air inlet
The shutoff switch is located in the water temperature
shutoff solenoids. If the engine should overspeed, fuel
regulator housing. Excessive water temperature closes
and air will be cut off to stop the engine.
the switch.  No resetting procedure is required.  The
switch opens as the coolant cools.
Manual Fuel Shutoff Lever
The sensing element must be submerged in the coolant
to operate.  The shutoff cannot actuate if the coolant
level is low.
Coolant Level Alarm
A manual shutdown lever is provided to override the
governor control of the engine. This shutdown will only
move the fuel control linkage to the fuel-off position. It
does not shut off the air inlet.
The expansion tank has a low coolant level gauge, which
is used to determine when the coolant is low. When the
coolant is near the LOW mark, coolant must be added to
the expansion tank to avoid engine overheating or


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