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Engine Controls
Consult your Caterpillar dealer if the HMSO or the air
The air actuated governor control is attached directly to
inlet shutoff did not operate correctly.
the UG8L Governor. This is connected to the governor
speed control lever, used to control engine speed.
Mechanical Governor Control
3161 Lever-Type Governor (3516
Industrial Engines)
The 3161 lever-type governor has an air-fuel ratio control
to limit smoke and provides pneumatic speed setting.
The 3161 uses engine oil for lubrication and actuation.
3161 Dial-Type Governor (3516 Gen.
Set Engines)
The 3161 dial-type governor has speed setting control
and external droop adjustment but will not have a load
limit control.  It will have a 24-32 volt DC permanent
magnet, synchronizing motor for remote control of
engine speed. This governor will allow paralleling with
The mechanical governor control is used to control
other  hydra-mechanical  governors  or  electronic
engine speed remotely.  It will manually move the
governor speed control lever.
EG3P and EG1OP Actuator
Air Actuated and Hydra-Mechanical
Governor Controls
The EG3P and EG1OP Actuator controls the fuel rack
linkage with hydraulic power using the engine oil supply.
The dipstick gauge shows the amount of oil in the
governor. This governor is equipped with speed droop,
however, it must be adjusted inside the governor. See
the  Service  Manual  for  adjusting  speed  droop


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