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Starting the Engine
Direct Electric Starting
Do not engage starter when flywheel is turning.
Do not start engine under load.
Above 0C (32F)
1. Place the transmission in NEUTRAL. Open the main
electrical circuit breaker on generator sets.
2. Move the throttle to low idle engine speed.
5.  Make sure air inlet shutoff valve is in the RUN
6. Make sure fuel lines are properly clamped and tight.
Check for loose fittings or leaks.
3.  Turn the starter switch to START or move toggle
switch  to the ON position, press button to START.
If the engine does not start after 10 seconds, move the
fuel shutoff lever to shut off the fuel; then continue to
crank for 10 seconds. This will clear the cylinders of fuel.
4. As soon as the engine starts, allow the engine to idle
for three to five minutes, or until the water temperature
gauge has begun to rise.
5. Do not apply load to the engine or increase engine
speed until the oil pressure gauge indicates normal.


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