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Stopping the Engine
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Stopping the engine immediately after it has been
working under load, can result in overheating and
accelerated wear of the engine components. Follow
the stopping procedure, outlined below, to allow the
engine to cool. Excessive temperatures in the
turbocharger centerhousing will cause oil coking
1. Reduce engine speed to low idle.
2. Shift into NEUTRAL. On generators, open the main
Move toggle switch to the OFF position.
electrical circuit breaker.
Manual Fuel Shutoff Lever
3. Increase engine speed to no more than half engine
speed. Idle for at least five minutes to cool the engine.
4. Reduce engine speed to low idle.
5.  Check the crankcase oil level while the engine is
idling. Maintain the oil level between the ADD and FULL
marks on the CHECK WITH ENGINE RUNNING side of
the dipstick.
6.  The engine may be stopped by using one of the
following engine mounted controls:
Pull the red handle lever out to shut off the fuel supply to
the engine.


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