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After Stopping the Engine
Lifting Engine and
1. Fill the fuel tank.
2. If below freezing temperatures are expected, allow
When it is necessary to remove a component on an
the engine jacket water expansion tank to cool; then
angle, remember that the capacity of an eyebolt is
check the coolant for proper antifreeze protection. Add
less as the angle between the supporting members
permanent-type antifreeze if required. See the Operation
and the object becomes less than 900. Eyebolts and
and Maintenance Procedures.
brackets should never be bent and should only have
stress in tension.
3. Repair any leaks, perform minor adjustments, tighten
loose bolts, etc.
Use a hoist to remove heavy components.  Lift the
engine by using an adjustable lifting beam.
supporting members (chains and cables) should be
parallel to each other, and as near perpendicular as
possible to the top of the object being lifted.
Some removals require the use of lifting fixtures to obtain
proper balance and to provide safe handling.
Lifting eyes are designed for the arrangement as sold.
Alterations to lifting eyes and/or arrangement weight
make the lifting devices obsolete.
If you make alterations, you are responsible for providing
adequate lifting devices.
4. Observe the service meter reading. Perform periodic
maintenance  as  instructed  in  the  Lubrication  &
Engine With or Without Generator
Maintenance Chart.
5.  Perform the required periodic maintenance on all
other  equipment  as  outlined  in  the  equipment
manufacturer's instructions.
To remove the engine only or the engine and generator
together, use the two lifting eyes on the engine.


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