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A 3% to 6% concentration of Caterpillar Cooling System
Never use both the liquid cooling system conditioner and
Conditioner can be maintained by adding .50 liter (1 pint)
coolant conditioner elements at the same time.
for each 15 liters (4 gallons) of coolant used.
Operate with a thermostat in the cooling system all year-
Premix antifreeze solution to provide protection to the
round.  Cooling system problems can arise without a
lowest expected ambient temperature.  Pure undiluted
antifreeze will freeze at -23C (-10F).
Fuel System
Acceptable water for use in the ethylene glycol-type
antifreeze and water mixture is shown on the chart
Fill the fuel tank at the end of each day of operation
Acceptable Water
to drive out moist air and to prevent condensation.
Do not fill the tank to the top. The fuel expands as it
50% or More
Less Than
gets warm and may overflow.
Water Content
50% Antifreeze
100 ppm
50 ppm
Do not fill fuel filters with fuel before installing them.
or less
or less
Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to
100 ppm
50 ppm
fuel system parts.
or less
or less
200 ppm
100 ppm
or less
or less
After changing fuel filters, open fuel supply and return
Dissolved Solids
500 ppm
250 ppm
valves that were closed. The fuel system will bleed air
or less
or less
back through the return.
6.5 or higher
6.5 or higher
ppm = parts per million
Drain water and sediment from any fuel storage tank
weekly, and before the tank is refilled.  This will help
Use clean water that is low in scale forming mineral. Do
prevent water or sediment from being pumped from the
not use softened water. Add Caterpillar Cooling System
storage tank into the engine fuel tank.
Conditioner, Caterpillar Coolant Conditioner Elements, or
equivalent, to the water to provide corrosion protection.
Use only fuel as recommended in the "Fuel, Coolant and
Lubricant Specifications" section of this guide.
Filling at over 20 liters (5 U.S. gallons) per minute can
cause air pockets in the cooling system.
Air Intake System
After draining and refilling the cooling system, run the
As the air cleaner elements become plugged, the
engine with the filler cap off until the coolant reaches
difference of air pressure between the inlet side (dirty
normal operating temperature and the coolant level
side) and the engine side (clean side) will increase.
stabilizes. Add coolant as necessary to fill the system to
Service the air cleaners when the air cleaner restriction
the proper level.
gauge registers 762 mm (30 inches) H20.


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