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The primary element can be cleaned up to six times
before replacement. The element, when cleaned, should
be thoroughly checked for rips or tears in the filter
When  boost  starting  an  engine,  follow  the
material. Replace the primary element every year even
instructions in "Starting the Engine"
in the
though it has not been cleaned six times.
"Operation Section" of flywheel to properly start the
Scheduled Oil Sampling
This engine has a 24 or 32 volt starting system. Use
Use scheduled oil sampling to monitor engine and
only equal voltage for boost starting. The use of a
maintenance requirements. Each oil sample should be
welder or higher voltage will damage the electrical
taken when the oil is hot and well mixed, to ensure the
sample is representative of the oil in the compartment.
S.O.S. Interval Chart
Engine Crankcase
At Oil Change
Consult your Caterpillar dealer for complete information
Accumulated grease and oil on an engine or deck is
and assistance in establishing a scheduled oil sampling
a fire hazard.
Remove this debris with steam
program for your engine.
cleaning or high pressure water, at least every 1000
hours or each time any significant quantity of oil is
Electrical System
spilled on an engine.
Wipe all fittings, caps and plugs before servicing.
Prevent sparks near the batteries. They could cause
Keep a close watch for leaks. If leaking is observed,
vapors to explode.  Do not allow cable ends to
find and correct the source of the leak.
contact each other or the engine.
Check the fluid levels more frequently than the
recommended periods if leaking is suspected or


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