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Fuel, Coolant and
Lubricant Specifications
Fuel Specifications
Engine Coolant Specifications
Types of Fuel
Use a mixture of approved fill water and antifreeze, and
Cooling System Conditioner.
Caterpillar Diesel Engines have the ability to burn a wide
variety of fuels. These fuels are divided into two general
"Know Your Cooling System" Form SEBD0518, can
groups, preferred and permissible.
provide more detailed specifications.
The preferred fuels provide maximum engine service life
Fill Water
and performance. They are distillate fuels. They are
commonly called fuel oil, furnace oil, diesel fuel, gas oil,
Always add conditioner to water. Never use plain water
or kerosene.
Acceptable water for use in the ethylene glycol-type
The permissible fuels are crude oils or blended fuels.
antifreeze and water mixture is shown on the chart
Use of these fuels can result in higher maintenance
costs and reduced engine service life.
Acceptable Water
See "Fuels for Caterpillar Diesel Engines," Form
50% or More
Less Than
SEHS7067, for a detailed summary of preferred and
Water Content
50% Antifreeze
permissible fuels and their specifications.
100 ppm
50 ppm
or less
or less
Cetane Requirement
100 ppm
50 ppm
or less
or less
The minimum fuel cetane number recommended for the
200 ppm
100 ppm
engine is 40.
or less
or less
Fuel Cloud Point
Dissolved Solids
500 ppm
250 ppm
or less
or less
Fuel waxing can plug the fuel filters in cold weather. The
6.5 or higher 6.5 or higher
fuel cloud point must be below the temperature of the
ppm = parts per million
surrounding air to prevent filter waxing and power loss.
Fuel heating attachments are available from your
Caterpillar dealer to minimize fuel filter waxing.
Use ethylene glycol-type antifreeze.  Use the correct
Fuel Sulfur Content
amount to provide freeze protection to the lowest
expected operating environment.
The percent of sulfur in the fuel will affect the engine oil
recommendations.  If the fuel has over 0.5% sulfur
content, the CD engine oil must have a TBN of 20 times
the percentage of fuel sulfur. Your oil supplier should be
Use  Caterpillar  Cooling  System  Conditioner
able to furnish the correct oils.
equivalent. Follow the instructions on the container.
On a new or reconditioned engine add 1 liter (1 quart) of
Caterpillar Cooling System Conditioner, or equivalent, for
each 30 liters (8 U.S. gallons) so that the cooling system
will have a 3%/o to 6% concentration of conditioner.


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