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Air Starter
Filling Air Lubricator
Turn the valve needle (the uppermost knob is
the oiler) counterclockwise to increase the number of
drops per minute.
Turn the valve needle clockwise to decrease the
Never allow the air lubricator jar to become empty. The
number of drops per minute.
starting motor will be damaged by lack of proper
The vanes of the starting motor are lubricated with a fine
oil mist from the motor oiler while the motor is operating.
When the air lubricator jar becomes half empty, remove
the oil filler plug and fill the jar with clean oil.
Adjusting Oiler Feed Adjust the oiler to release four
drops of oil per minute into the starting motor air stream.
Be sure the fuel supply line valve to the engine is
Crank the engine.
Count the drops of oil released per minute into
the air stream.


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