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Every 10 Service Hours or Daily
Walk-Around Inspection
Inspect Engine
Make sure lines are properly clamped and tight.
Check for loose fittings or leaks.
All guards must be in place. Repair or replace
missing or damaged guards.
Disconnect any battery chargers that are not
protected against the starter current drain.  Check
condition of batteries and the level of electrolyte.
Check for coolant, fuel or oil leaks on or below
For changing engine oil filter elements see topic entitled
"Engine Crankcase." NOTE
Check condition of all belts.
Replace if
: Follow the Lubrication and Maintenance Chart under
normal operation.
6. Check condition of gauges. Replace if cracked or
Fuel System
not calibrated to "O."
While operating, frequently observe the engine
oil pressure gauge, the fuel pressure gauge, the fuel filter
differential pressure gauges, the oil filter differential
pressure gauges, and the air cleaner differential
Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical
pressure gauges.
components can cause a fire.
Engine Oil Filter
Disconnect the battery when changing fuel filters.
Do not fill fuel filter housings with fuel before installing
elements.  Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated
wear to fuel system components.
The engine oil filter elements should be changed when
the oil filter differential pressure gauge registers 105 kPa
(15 psi) when engine is at rated speed, and is at
operating temperature.


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