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Turn the pump handle knob counterclockwise.
When the fuel filter differential gauge registers 105 kPa
Release the lock plate from the retainer on the fuel
('15 psi), the main fuel filter elements should be
priming pump.
Operate the fuel priming pump until the air in the
Changing the Main Final Fuel Filters
fuel system has been pumped through the fuel return line
to the fuel tank.
Duplex Fuel Filters
Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical
The duplex fuel filter system will allow continuous
components can cause a fire.
operation while the fuel filters are being changed.
NOTE: Under normal operation, the main fuel filters are
Open fill valve 1 for five minutes minimum.
to be used, until they need to be replaced. The auxiliary
filters can be transferred to during continuous engine
operation while the main filters are being changed.
Close fill valve 1 and rotate control valve 2 to the
Auxiliary Run position.


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