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Every 1000 Service Hours or 3 Months
Shutoff Controls
Woodward UG8L
Change Oil
Check for Proper Operation
To prevent personal injury be sure the engine cannot
be started. Disconnect the ground cable from the
battery terminal.
The engine protective shutoff controls must be checked
for proper operation. They are the coolant level alarm,
low oil pressure switch, electrical high water temperature
shutoff, electrical overspeed shutoff and the manual fuel
shutoff lever. Refer to "Shutoff and Alarm System
Components" in the "Operation Section" for information
on these controls. This will ensure that if a malfunction
should occur,
the engine will stop without being
Move the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position.
Close the fuel tank fuel supply valve.
Have the checks made by a qualified mechanic. Consult
your authorized Caterpillar engine dealer, or refer to the
Disconnect the ground cable from the battery
Service Manual for your engine.


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