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10. Stall at low rpm
Fuel pressure is low.
Make sure there is fuel in the fuel tank. Look for
leaks or bad bends in the fuel line between fuel
tank and fuel transfer pump. Look for air in the
fuel system, sticking, binding or defective fuel
control valve.
Check fuel pressure. The outlet pressure of the
fuel transfer pump must be a minimum of 140
kPa (20 psi) at full load speed.
If fuel pressure is lower than the above pressure,
install a new fuel filter element. If fuel pressure
is still low, check the fuel transfer pump.
Idle rpm too low.
Make adjustment to governor so idle rpm is the
same as given on the engine information plate.
Engine accessories.
Check engine accessories for damage and
correct adjustment. If necessary, disconnect the
accessories and test the engine.
11. Sudden changes in rpm
Failure of governor or fuel injection pump.
Look for damaged or broken springs, linkage or
other parts. Remove the governor.
Check for free travel of the control linkages.
Install new parts for those that have damage or
12. Loud combustion noise
Bad quality fuel.
Remove the fuel from the fuel tank. Install a
new fuel filter element. Put a good grade of
clean fuel in the fuel tank.
Wrong fuel injection timing.
Make adjustment to timing.


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