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18. Noise in engine
Failure of bearing for connecting rod.
Inspect the bearing for the connecting rod and
the bearing surface (journal) on the crankshaft.
Install new parts where necessary.
Damaged gears.
Install new parts where necessary.
Defect in attachment.
Repair or install new components.
19. Too much vibration
Vibration damper or pulley is loose
Check vibration damper and pulley for damage.
Tighten bolts or nuts. If vibration damper or
pulley bolt holes have damage or wear, replace
with new parts.
Vibration damper has a defect.
Install a new vibration damper.
Engine supports are loose, wrong, or have
Tighten all mounting bolts. Install new
a defect.
components if necessary.
Driven equipment is not in alignment or is
Check alignment and balance. Correct if
out of balance.
Misfiring or running rough.
Make reference to Item 8.
20. Too much white or blue smoke
Too much lubrication oil in engine.
Remove extra oil. Find where extra oil comes
from. Put correct amount of oil in engine.
Misfiring or running rough.
Make reference to Item 8.
Wrong fuel injection timing.
Make adjustment to timing.
Worn valve guides.
Recondition cylinder head.
Worn piston rings.
Install new piston rings.
Failure of turbocharger oil seal.
Check inlet manifold for oil and repair
turbocharger if necessary.


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