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24. Fuel consumption too high
Fuel system leaks.
Replacement of parts is needed at points of
Fuel and combustion noise (knock).
Make reference to Item 8 and Item 9.
Wrong fuel injection timing.
Make adjustment to timing.
25. Low oil pressure
Dirty oil filter or oil cooler.
Check the operation of bypass valve for the filter.
Install new oil filter element if needed.
Clean or install new oil cooler core. Remove
dirty oil from engine. Put clean oil in engine.
Diesel fuel in lubrication oil.
Find the place where diesel fuel gets into the
lubrication oil. Make repairs as needed.
Drain the lubrication oil that has diesel fuel in it.
Install a new oil filter element. Fill the engine
with clean oil.
Too much clearance between rocker arm
Check lubrication in valve compartments.
shaft and rocker arms.
Install new parts as necessary.
Oil pump suction pipe has a defect.
Replace pipe.
Pressure regulating valve does not close.
Clean valve and housing. Install new parts as
Oil pump has a defect.
Repair or replace oil pump.
Too much clearance between crankshaft
Inspect the bearings and make replacement
and crankshaft bearings.
if necessary.
Too much clearance between camshaft and
Install new camshaft and camshaft bearings
camshaft bearings.
if necessary.
Defect in oil pressure gauge.
Install new gauge.


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