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29. Engine has early wear
Dirt in lubrication oil.
Remove dirty lubrication oil. Install a new oil
filter element. Put clean oil in the engine.
Check oil filter bypass valve for a weak or
broken spring.
Air inlet leaks.
Inspect all gaskets and connections. Make
repairs if leaks are found.
Fuel leakage into lubrication oil.
This will cause high fuel consumption and low
engine oil pressure. Make repairs if leaks are
found. Install new parts where needed. Make
reference to Items 24 and 25.
30. Exhaust temperature is too high
Air inlet system has a leak.
Check pressure in the air intake manifold. Look
for restrictions at the air cleaner. Correct any
Exhaust system has a leak.
Find cause of exhaust leak. Make repairs as
Air inlet or exhaust system has a restriction.
Remove restriction.
Wrong fuel injection timing.
Make an adjustment to the timing.


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