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TM 5-2815-240-34&P Change 1        3-39 CAUTION Remove  crankshaft  assembly  from crankcase  very  carefully  so  as  not  to damage bearings. S Carefully withdraw crankshaft assembly (12) with retaining plate (4) and compressor drive gear (10) attached, from crankcase (11). T Place crankshaft assembly (12), with compressor drive gear (10) and retaining plate (4) attached, in press with compressor drive gear (10) up. U    Ensure that crankshaft assembly (12) is supported evenly by all four screws (9) and that heads of all four  screws  (9)  are  in  contact  with  compressor drive gear (10). V While supporting crankshaft assembly (12) from below,  press  crankshaft  assembly  (12)  from compressor drive gear (10) and withdraw crankshaft assembly (12) from retaining plate (4). W   Remove four screws (9) and two lockplates (8).


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