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TM   5-2815-241-34&P ACCESSORY  DRIVE  INSTALLATION INITIAL   SETUP Tools Materials/Parts Barring  tool,  crankshaft Indicator,  dial Wrench,   box-end,   half-moon,   5/8-inch Gasket,  accessory  drive Lockwashers   (five   required) Equipment   Condition Camshaft  installed  (page  2-66). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 1. Cylinder block (1) Crankshaft   (2) a.     Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate crankshaft  until  piston  number  one  is  at TDC  (top  dead  center)  on  compression stroke. Rocker  arms  for  cylinder  number  one will  be  loose. b.    Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate engine  90  degrees  ATDC  (after  top  dead center). 2.  Accessory  drive  (3) Key (4) and new gasket  (5) a. Put key in keyway. b.     Put on gasket and aline. NOTE When performing step 3, aline timing marks on camshaft gear and accessory drive gear (see  illustration). 3. Cylinder block (1) Accessory  drive  (3) Put  in. 4.  Accessory  drive  (3) Five  screws  (6) and  five  new lockwashers   (7) Using   5/8-inch   half-moon   box-end wrench,  screw  in  and  tighten. NOTE Method  used  for  mounting  dial  indicator  is  at  discretion  of  using  facility.  Set  contact point  of  dial  indicator  on  accessory  drive  gear  tooth. 2-84


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