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TM   5-2815-241-34&P AIR  COMPRESSOR  AND  FUEL  PUMP  INSTALLATION  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS WARNING Due to excessive weight, assistance will be needed to prevent personal injury when lifting heavy parts. 8.  Accessory  drive  (14) Air  compressor  (1) and  fuel  pump  (3) Put on and aline couplings. 9. Four  screws  (15) and four new lockwashers   (18) Using   5/8-inch   half-moon   box-end   wrench, screw  in  and  tighten. 10. Air compressor bracket  (17) Screw  (18),  new Using   1/2-inch   drive   9/16-inch   socket, lockwasher  (19),  and 6-inch  extension,  and  ratchet  handle, flat  washer  (20) screw in and tighten. 11.  Cylinder  block  (21) Air  compressor  cool- ant  hose  (22) Using  1-inch  open-end  wrench,  screw  in and  tighten. TASK ENDS HERE T A    2 4 2 3 9 0 2-87


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