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TM   5-2815-241-34&P GEARCASE   COVER   INSTALLATION   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 12. Camshaft support (6) Three  screws  (9)  and three  new  lock- washers  (10) Using  1/2-inch  drive  9/16-inch  socket  and ratchet  handle,  screw  in  and  tighten. 13. Accessory drive shaft  (11) 14. Key  (12)  and pulley  (13) Self-locking  nut (14)  and  flat washer  (15) 15. Self-locking nut  (14) Put  on. Using  1/2-inch  drive  1  1/16-inch  socket, 6-inch  extension,  and  ratchet  handle, screw  in  until  snug, Using  1/2-inch  drive  1  1/16-inch  socket, 6-inch  extension,  and  0  to  250  ft  lb  (0  to  350 N•m)  torque  wrench,  tighten  to  95  to  100  ft lb  (133  to  140  N•m). NOTE Each time the crankshaft vibration damper is removed or replaced, it should be lapped to  the  crankshaft  to  provide  maximum  contact  area  between  mating  parts. Ensure that all mating surfaces are free of burrs, nicks, and gouges. Do not attempt lapping  until  all  imperfections  have  been  removed. T A    2 4 2 3 9 3 2-93


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