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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  HEAD  FUEL  LINE  INSTALLATION INITIAL   SETUP Tools Materials/Parts Extension,   6-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Handle,   ratchet,   1/2-inch   drive Socket,   9/16-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Wrench,   open-end,   1/2-inch Wrench,   open-end,   9/16-inch Wrench,   open-end,   5/8-inch Lockwasher   (three   required) Equipment   Condition Cylinder   heads   installed   (page   2-68). Air  compressor  and  fuel  pump  installed (page  2-86). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CAUTION Do not overtighten fuel line fittings and fuel line nuts. Damage or leaks may result. 1. Rear cylinder head  (1) Two fuel line fittings   (2) Using   5/8-inch   open-end   wrench,   screw in. Position fitting toward intake side of engine  and  slightly  downward. NOTE Position steel feed line on lower fitting. 2. Two fuel line fittings   (2) 3. Left side of engine  block  (4) 4.  Fuel  shutoff switch  (8) Two fuel line nuts  (3) Using   1/2-inch   open-end   wrench,   screw in. Do  not  tighten. Three  screws  (5), three  new  lock- washers  (6),  and three  clamps  (7) with  fuel  lines Using   1/2-inch   drive   9/16-inch   socket, 6-inch  extension,  and  ratchet  handle, screw   in. Do  not  tighten. Fuel  line  nut  (9) Using   5/8-inch   open-end   wrench   and 1/2-inch  open-end  wrench,  screw  in  and tighten. 2-104


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