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TM  5-2815-241-34&P VALVE  AND  INJECTOR  ADJUSTMENTS This  task  covers: a. Dial Indicator Method (page  2-108) b.    Torque  Method  (page  2-112) INITIAL   SETUP Tools Tools   -   Continued Actuator,  rocker  arm,  ST-1193 Adapter  set,  ST-669,  3/8-inch  drive Barring  tool,  crankshaft Gage,  thickness Indicator,   dial,   ST-1170 Socket,   7/16-inch,   1/4-inch   drive Wrench,  torque,  0  to  150  ft  lb Wrench,  torque,  0  to  150  in.  lb  (0  to  17.5 N•m),  ST-753-1,  3/8-inch  drive Equipment   Condition Rocker  arm  housings  installed  (page  2-82). (0  to  210  N•m),  3/8-inch  drive ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS DIAL  INDICATOR  METHOD Checking   Plunger-Free   Travel CAUTION In order to prevent excessive loading of the injector actuating system and possible failure,  all  injectors  must  be  checked  as  follows. NOTE Steps given are typical for all six injectors. 1.  Injector  rocker arm (1) 2. Rocker arm ST-1170  dial housing   (4) indicator   (5) Adjusting   screw   (2) and  locknut  (3) Using  3/8-inch  drive  ST-669  adapter  set and  1/4-inch  drive  7/16-inch  socket, loosen. a.  Put  on. b.     Position ST-1170 dial indicator on top of injector  plunger. Set  dial  Indicator  to  zero. 2-106


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