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TM  5-2815-241-34&P VALVE  AND  INJECTOR  ADJUSTMENTS  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 21. Rocker arm housing  (6) 22. 23. Intake  rocker  arm (7), locknut (8), and adjusting  screw  (9) a. Using  3/8-inch  drive  ST-669  adapter set,  and  1/4-inch  drive  7/16-inch socket,  loosen  locknut  and  unscrew adjusting   screw. b. Using  thickness  gage,  put  in  between rocker  arm  and  crosshead. Locknut  (8) Exhaust  rocker  arm (10),  locknut  (11), and  adjusting screw  (12) When using Torque Method, valves and injector are adjusted In same cylinder  before  rotating  crankshaft  for next  cylinder.  See  Table  below  for clearance. Using  3/8-inch  drive  ST-669  adapter  set, 1/4-inch  drive  7/16-inch  socket,  and  0  to 150 ft lb (0 to 210 N•m) torque wrench, torque to 40 to 45 ft lb (54 to 61 N•m). Perform  same  adjustment  procedures  de- scribed in steps 21 and 22. NOTE Repeat steps 17 thru 23 as per illustration shown below. VALVE   CLEARANCE INTAKE VALVES EXHAUST  VALVES COLD HOT COLD HOT SET SET SET SET 0.014 in. 0.014  in. 0.027 in. 0.027 in. (0.36  mm) (0.36 mm) (0.69  mm) (0.69  mm) TASK ENDS HERE T A 5 1 0 6 5 2 Change  1 2-115


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