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TM     5-2815-241-34&P REPORTING   EQUIPMENT   IMPROVEMENT   RECOMMENDATIONS   (EIR) If your diesel engine needs improvement, let us know. Send us an EIR. You, the user, are the only one who can tell us what you don’t like about your engine. Let us know why you don’t like the design. Put it on an SF 368 (Quality Deficiency Report). Mail it to Commander, US Army Tank-Automotive Command,   ATTN: AMSTA-MP,  Warren,  Ml  48347-5000.  We  will  send  you  a  reply. EQUIPMENT  IMPROVEMENT  REPORT  AND  MAINTENANCE  DIGEST  (EIR  MD) The  quarterly  Equipment  Improvement  Report  and  Maintenance  Digest,  TB  43-0001-39  series,  contains valuable  field  information  on  the  equipment  covered  in  this  manual.  The  information  in  the  TB  43-0001-39 series  is  compiled  from  some  of  the  Equipment  Improvement  Reports  that  you  prepared  on  the  vehicles covered  in  this  manual.  Many  of  these  articles  result  from  comments,  suggestions,  and  improvement recommendations  that  you  submitted  to  the  EIR  program.  The  TB  43-0001-39  series  contains  information on  equipment  improvements,  minor  alterations,  proposed  Modification  Work  Orders  (MWO’s), warranties  (if  applicable),  actions  taken  on  some  of  your  DA  Form  2028’s  (Recommended  Changes  to Publications),  and  advance  information  on  proposed  changes  that  may  affect  this  manual.  The  informa- tion  will  help  you  in  doing  your  job  better  and  will  help  in  keeping  you  advised  of  the  latest  changes  to this manual. Also refer to DA PAM 25-30, Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms, and appendix  A,  of  this  manual. 1-2 Change   1


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