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TM   5-2815-241-34&P WATER   MANIFOLD   ASSEMBLY   INSTALLATION INITIAL  SETUP Tools Wrench,   open-end,   9/16-inch Materials/Parts Materials/Parts  -  Continued Oil, lubricating (Item 12, appendix B) Packing,  preformed,  connector  tube Packing,  preformed,  water  manifold  (as required) Gasket,  water  manifold  (six  required) Lockwasher   (12   required) ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE If all water manifold sections have been separated, all four preformed packings must be replaced. 1.  Front  cylinder head  (1) Two  new  gaskets  (2), new  preformed  pack- ing  (3),  water  mani- fold  front  section (4)  with  connector tube  (5),  four  new lockwashers   (6), and  four  screws  (7) 2. Rear and center cylinder  heads  (8) Four  new  gaskets (9),  new  preformed packing  (10),  rear and  center  water manifold   sections (11),  eight  new  lock- washers  (12),  and eight  screws  (13) a. b. C. d. a. b. C. d. Lubricate  two  new  gaskets  with  lubricat- ing oil and place in position on front cylinder  head. Lubricate  new  preformed  packing  with lubricating  oil  and  position  on  end  of connector  tube. Lower  water  manifold  front  section  with connector  tube  onto  front  cylinder  head positioning  connector  tube  into  water inlet  housing. Put in four new lockwashers and four screws. Hand  tighten  only. Lubricate  four  new  gaskets  with  lu- bricating  oil  and  place  in  position  on rear and center cylinder heads. Lubricate  new  preformed  packing  with lubricating  oil  and  place  in  position on  end  of  center  water  manifold  section. Position  rear  and  center  water  manifold sections  on  rear  and  center  cylinder heads making sure to fully engage center water  manifold  section  with  front  water manifold   section. Put  in  eight  new  lockwashers  and  eight screws. Hand  tighten  only. 2-130


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