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TM   5-2815-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER  AND  OIL  LINE  INSTALLATION INITIAL  SETUP Tools Extension,   6-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Joint, universal, 1/2-inch drive Screwdriver,    flat-tip,    1/4-inch Socket,   9/16-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Wrench,   box-end,   9/16-inch   (two required) Wrench,   open-end,   1/2-inch Wrench,   open-end,   5/8-inch Wrench,   open-end,   3/4-inch Wrench,  open-end,  1  1/4-inch Tools   -   Continued Wrench,  open-end,  1  5/16-inch Wrench,  open-end,  1  3/8-inch Wrench, torque, 0 to 150 ft lb (0 to 210 N•m), 1/2-inch   drive Materials/Parts Compound, antiseize (item 2, appendix B) Gasket ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Remove nuts from studs on exhaust manifold and tape from all openings on turbocharger.  Make  sure  oil  return  line  fitting  is  facing  down. 1. Exhaust manifold (1) New gasket (2) turbocharger   (3), and  four  nuts  (4) a. Coat  mounting  studs  on  exhaust  manifold with  antiseize  compound. b. Position  new  gasket  on  exhaust  manifold with  convex  side  toward  turbocharger. c. Position  turbocharger  on  exhaust manifold. d. Screw  on  four  nuts  until  finger  tight. e. Using   1/2-inch   drive   9/16-inch   socket, 6-inch extension, universal joint, and 0 to 150 ft lb (0 to 210 N•m) torque wrench,  torque  nuts  to  22  to  28  ft  lb  (30 to  38  N•m). 2.  Right side of Oil return hose cylinder   block   (5) fitting   (6) Using  1  1/4-inch  open-end  wrench,  screw in and tighten. 3. Oil  return  tube  (7), hose  (8),  and clamp  (9) a. Position clamp on hose end of oil return tube  and  hose. b. Position hose end of oil return tube and hose on oil return hose fitting. c.        Using  1/4-inch  flat-tip  screwdriver, tighten  clamp. d. Position oil tube and hose fitting on turbocharger oil return hose fitting (6). e. Using  1  3/8-inch  and  1  5/16-inch  open- end  wrenches,  tighten. 2-136


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