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TM   5-2815-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER   AND   OIL   LINE   INSTALLATION   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 4. Oil  cooler  (10)  and Oil supply line a. Using  1/2-inch  and  3/4-inch  open-end turbocharger   (3) and  fittings  (11) wrenches, screw on to oil cooler and tighten  oil  supply  line  and  fittings. b. Using  5/8-inch  and  3/4-inch  open-end wrenches,  screw  on  to  turbocharger, and  tighten  oil  supply  line  and  fittings. 5.   Turbocharger  (3) 6. Bracket (14) Screw  (12)  and clamp  (13) Remove screw from turbocharger and posi- tion  clamp  on  turbocharger  and  screw  in and  tighten  using  1/2-inch  open-end wrench. Screw  (15),  flat washer  (16),  clamp (17), and nut (18) a. Remove nut from screw and install screw with  flat  washer  and  clamp  through bracket.  Screw  on  nut  finger  tight. b. Using  two  9/16-inch  box-end  wrenches, tighten. NOTE FOLLOW-ON    MAINTENANCE: Perform  final  testing,  adjustments,  and  troubleshooting on engine test stand (page 2-414). TASK ENDS HERE TA   242424 2-137


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