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TM   5-2815-241-34&P LOCATION  AND  DESCRIPTION  OF  MAJOR  COMPONENTS WATER   MANIFOLD Three  sections  of  cast-iron  piping  and  two  steel  tubes,  containing  thermostat,  temperature  gage sending  unit,  high-temperature  engine  shutdown  switch,  and  shutter  control  valve.  The  water manifold serves as a passage for hot coolant that has circulated through the cylinder block and cylinder heads to be delivered to the radiator. ENGINE  COMPRESSION  BRAKE Three separate units, one mounted above each of three rocker arm housings. They contain elec- trically operated solenoids that open engine exhaust valves near the top of the compression stroke. The engine brake system is energized from a dash-mounted switch. The electrical solenoids are supplied with power through a switch mounted on the fuel pump and controlled by the throttle lever. ROCKER  HOUSING  COVER Three separate aluminum covers, used to cover each rocker arm housing. The front rocker housing cover contains the crankcase breather, oil filler opening, and cap. The center and rear rocker housing covers are plain. TA  242335 1-4


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