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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING/INSPECTION   -   CONTINUED 12. Cylinder block (1) a. Check  main  bearing  capscrew  threads (2)  for  damage. If  damage  exists,  tag  for  thread repair,  step  28. b. Check  main  bearing  caps  (3)  for  loose- ness  in  cylinder  block. If  any  perceptible  clearance  or shake  exists,  tag  main  bearing  cap for  replacement,  steps  36  thru  39. CAUTION Main  bearing  cap  bolts  must  be  tightened  alternately  and  slowly  to  ensure  proper  seating of bearing caps. 13. Cylinder block (1) Main  bearing caps  (3) Position  in  cylinder  block  in  their  respec- tive  locations  as  tagged. 14.  Main bearing caps  (3) Main  bearing capscrews   (4) a. Lubricate  with  clean  lubricating  oil. b. Install  through  main  bearing  caps. c. Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/2-inch  socket and 0 to 600 ft lb torque wrench, tighten each  capscrew  to  140  to  150  ft  lb (197  to  210  N•m)  to  seat  main  bearing caps,  then  continue  to  tighten  each  cap- screw to 300 to 310 ft lb (407 to 420 N•m). 15. 16. Cylinder block (1) Main  bearing bore  (5) Camshaft bushings   (8) Using  dial  bore  gage  (6),  measure  main bearing  bores  horizontally,  vertically,  and diagonally. If  main  bearing  cap  has  been  deter- mined  to  be  distorted,  or  If  main bearing  bore  diameter  is  greater  than 4.7505  inch  (120.883  mm),  tag cylinder  block  for  reaming,  steps  41 thru  50. a. Inspect  for  chips,  scores,  or  scratches. If  camshaft  bushings  are  chipped, scored,  or  scratched,  tag  camshaft bushings  for  replacement,  steps  51 and  52. 2-146


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