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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS b. Inspect  to  ensure  oil  passages  (9)  be- tween  camshaft  bushings  and  cylinder block  are  properly  alined. If  oil  passages  are  not  alined,  tag camshaft  bushings  for  replacement, steps  51  and  52. c. Using 2- to 3-inch inside micrometer (10), measure camshaft bushing inside diameter,  A,  horizontally  and  vertically. If  camshaft  bushing  inside  diameter  is greater  than  2.0015  inches  (50.838 mm),  tag  camshaft  bushings  for replacement,  steps  51  and  52. 17. Cylinder block (1) Straight  pins  (7) Inspect straight pins for nicks, or out of round. If  nicked  or  out  of  round,  repair,  step 40. TA  242430 2-147


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