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TM    5-2815-241-34&P LOCATION   AND   DESCRIPTION   OF   MAJOR   COMPONENTS   -   CONTINUED ROCKER  ARM  HOUSING Three separate aluminum housings, mounted above each of three cylinder heads. Each housing contains two intake valve rocker arms, two exhaust valve rocker arms, and two fuel injector rocker arms, ail mounted on a common shaft. Each rocker arm has an adjusting screw and locknut for injector  setting  and  valve  adjustment. CYLINDER  HEAD Three  separate  cast-iron  assemblies,  each  mounted  to  cylinder  block  above  two  adjacent  cylinders. Each contains one fuel injector and two intake and exhaust valve assemblies per cylinder. The cylinder head also includes the intake and exhaust ports, and passages for coolant to carry away heat from engine  combustion.  Each  contain  internal  fuel  passages  for  fuel  injectors  connected  by  fuel  cross- overs  between  cylinder  head  assemblies. OIL  COOLER  AND  FILTER A tube and shell type heat exchanger, used to dissipate heat from the engine lubricating oil, into the cooling  system.  The  oil  cooler  helps  maintain  lubricating  oil  temperature  within  proper  operating range  of  165°  to  195°F  (74°  to  91°C). TURBOCHARGER Mounted  directly  to  exhaust  manifold  and  consists  of  an  exhaust-driven  turbine  wheel  and  an  impeller that forces additional air into combustion chambers. This allows engine to burn more fuel and there- fore develop more horsepower. The turbocharger is engine oil lubricated and cooled. FLYWHEEL   HOUSING Mounted directly to rear of engine block and used to connect main transmission to engine assembly. Attached  to  the  flywheel  housing,  are  the  rear  engine  mounting  brackets. EXHAUST   MANIFOLD Three sections of cast-iron piping, mounted directly to each of three cylinder head assemblies. The turbocharger is mounted to the center section of the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold serves as a passage for exhaust gases that power the turbocharger, then directs gases into the exhaust system. 1-5


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