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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING/INSPECTION  -  CONTINUED 22. Cylinder block (1) Cylinder  sleeve  (2) 23. Cylinder sleeve lower  bore  (4) a. Using  dial  bore  gage  (3),  check  cylin- der  sleeve  for  out-of-round  condition. If  cylinder  sleeve  is  more  than  0.002 Inch  (0.05  mm)  out  of  round  in  gasket area  due  to  cylinder  sleeve  to  cylin- der  block  contact,  tag  cylinder  block for  cylinder  sleeve  lower  bore repair  sleeve,  steps  29  thru  35. b. Remove,  and  using  dial  bore  gage  (3), check  cylinder  sleeve  for  out-of-round condition. If  cylinder  sleeve  is  more  than  0.002 inch  (0.05  mm)  out  of  round  in  gasket area,  cylinder  sleeve  is  distorted. Discard  cylinder  sleeve. Using  ST-1252  concentricity  gage,  check counterbore  to  lower  cylinder  sleeve  bore concentricity. If  cylinder  sleeve  lower  bore  is  not concentric  within  0.005  inch  (0.13 mm)  total  indicator  reading,  tag cylinder  block  for  cylinder  sleeve lower  bore  repair  sleeve,  steps  29 thru  35. TA   242433 2-152


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