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TM   5-2815-241-34&P LOCATION   AND   DESCRIPTION   OF   MAJOR   COMPONENTS   -   CONTINUED AIR   INTAKE   MANIFOLD A hollow aluminum casting, mounted to cylinder head assemblies on drivers side of engine. It receives  intake  air  from  turbocharger  through  air  crossover  connection  and  delivers  it  to  intake  ports of each of three cylinder head assemblies. ANEROID  CONTROL  VALVE An air intake manifold pressure-controlled valve, mounted at fuel pump outlet line, to create a delay in fuel supply line equal to the delay or lag of intake air pressure caused by slow turbocharger speed buildup. Aneroid control valve eliminates excessive exhaust smoke caused by high fuel-to-air ratio. LUBRICATING  OIL  PUMP A geardriven gear pump, mounted on left side of engine, below air compressor. It draws lubricating oil from oil pan and circulates it, under pressure, through engine oil passages. An integral pressure regulator  controls  the  lubricating  oil  pressure. 1-6


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