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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS REPAIR  -  CONTINUED NOTE Inside  diameter  chamfer  of  repair  sleeve  is  installed  towards  top  surface  of  cylinder block. 35. Cylinder block (1) Repair  sleeve  (2) a. Push  through  upper  bore  and  position  in lower  bore  (3). b. Insert repair sleeve driver handle into repair sleeve driver, and position on repair   sleeve. c. Install locator over repair sleeve driver handle and into counterbore (4). d. Using   16-ounce   ball-peen   hammer,   tap gently on repair sleeve driver handle un- til repair sleeve is located on starting radius, then drive repair sleeve into place. When  repair  sleeve  is  in  correct position,  the  repair  sleeve  driver handle  will  become  free  for  removal. NOTE Steps 36 thru 39 are provided for cylinder blocks tagged for main bearing cap replacement. Replacement  main  bearing  caps  have  0.015  inch  (0.36  mm)  material  in  bore.  Other dimensions are the same as finished main bearing caps. Number 7 replacement main bearing cap does not have cap to block dowel holes and must be machined to block width. TA  242430 2-158


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