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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED 45. ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS WARNING Safety goggles must be worn to prevent eye injury caused by flying steel chips. ST-1177  boring tool  (3) a. Attach  1/2-inch  portable  electric  drill  to ST-1177   boring   tool   swivel   joint. b. Turn on 1/2-inch portable electric drill and  ream  main  bearing  bore. c. Turn  off  1/2-inch  portable  electric  drill and  remove  from  ST-1177  boring  tool swivel  joint. 46. Cylinder block (1) ST-1177  boring tool  (3) Adjust to next main bearing bore to be cut. 47. Cylinder   block   (1) Repeat steps 45 and 46 until all main bearing bores  to  be  cut  are  reamed. 48. ST-1177  boring tool  (3) Remove from cylinder block. 49. Cylinder   block   (1) Thoroughly  clean  cylinder  block. See  page  2-3,  for  general  cleaning instructions. 50. Main  bearing bore (4) Using a dial bore gage, check size of all main  bearing  bores,  see  steps  14  and  15. TA   242440 2-161


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