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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTlNUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS REPAIR  -  CONTINUED NOTE Steps 51 and 52 are provided for cylinder blocks tagged for camshaft bushing replacement. 51. Cylinder block (1) Camshaft Using   ST-1228   camshaft   bushing   driver bushings   (2) (3),  remove. CAUTION Positioning of new camshaft bushing in number seven bushing bore (rear of cylinder block) is critical. The new bushing must be pressed in, leaving clearance between bushing and rear face of cylinder block to allow oil to drain from hole at rear of camshaft. Hydraulic  lock  will  occur  if  oil  drain  passage  is  blocked. Be sure oil hole in camshaft bushings is alined with oil feed hole in cylinder block. Damage  to  engine  will  occur  if  camshaft  bushings  are  installed  improperly. NOTE Number one camshaft bushing (front of cylinder block) is different from the other six camshaft   bushings. 52. Camshaft a. bushings   (2) b. C. Position on ST-1228 camshaft bushing driver  (3),  alining  oil  hole  (4)  with  oil hole  in  camshaft  bushing  bore. Press  in  to  position  in  camshaft  bushing bore. Check  oil  hole  alinement. If  oil  hole  (4)  is  not  alined,  reposition camshaft   bushings. 2-162


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