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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS REPAIR  -  CONTINUED 59. Cylinder block (1) ST-1168   cylinder sleeve  salvage  tool  (2) a. b. C. 60. Tool  bit  gate micrometer   (5) a. b. C. d. Retract tool holder by pulling up on orifice retractor knob (3). Loosen setscrew in back end of tool bit (4)  and  push  setpin  all  the  way  in. Lock   setscrew. Adjust  to  6.750  inch  (171.45  mm). Insert  tool  bit  and  hold  firmly  against  stop and   hardened   pad. Loosen  setscrew  and  allow  setpin  to come  out  against  tool  bit  gate  microm- eter  spindle. Lock   setscrew. NOTE As a further check, back off thimble on tool bit gate micrometer and recheck tool bit 61. length. ST-1168   cylinder sleeve  salvage  tool  (2) a. b. C. d. e. f. Insert tool bit (4) into tool holder and tighten  lock  screw. Tool  bit  must  be  held  all  the  way  in against tool holder. Turn  tool  holder  until  tool  bit  recess is  at  large  opening  in  adapter  plate  (6). While pulling up on retractor knob (3) and  pushing  down  on  set  collar  (7), place  a  0.004-inch  (0.10  mm)  thick- ness  gage  between  cylinder  block  and tool  bit. Lower  tool  bit  onto  thickness  gage. Loosen  set  collar  (7)  setscrew  and  back off  set  collar  (7)  counterclockwise  until salvage  sleeve  can  be  placed  between set  collar  (7)  and  boring  tool  ST-1177 main  body  (8)  to  be  used  as  a  depth indicator. Tighten  setscrew  in  set  collar. Remove   thickness   gage. 2-166


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