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TM    5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED 62. ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE The thickness gage is used to make sure that the salvage sleeve will not be below the top of  the  cylinder  block. g. Place 1/2-inch portable electric drill and  1/2-inch  drive  flex  adapter  on  drive shaft  (9). Approximately  halfway  through  the  cut,  the  tool  will  begin  to  cut  the  counterbore  ledge. Be prepared for the added load on the drill when the counterbore is being cut, or personal  injury  could  result. Safety goggles must be worn to prevent eye injury caused by flying steel chips. h.  Operating  1/2-inch  portable  electric drill,  bore  hole  until  drill  freewheels. Stop  immediately  when  drill freewheels. i. Pull  up  on  retractor  knob  (3)  and  remove tool bit (4) from tool holder. j. Remove  ST-1168  cylinder  sleeve  salvage tool  from  cylinder  block. Cylinder  block  (1) Using  emery  cloth,  deburr  counterbore. TA   242443 2-167


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