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TM    5-2815-241-34&P LOCATION   AND   DESCRIPTION   OF   MAJOR   COMPONENTS   -   CONTINUED FUEL PUMP Is mounted to rear of air compressor, and driven by accessory drive through air compressor. It draws fuel from fuel tank through fuel filters, and delivers to fuel injectors at the correct pressure for the power requirements of the engine. The fuel pump is lubricated and cooled by fuel passing through fuel pump  internal  passages.  Electrically  operated  shutdown  switch  is  mounted  at  fuel  pump  outlet. ACCESSORY DRIVE Is camshaft gear-driven, through crankshaft gear. Located on front of engine, the accessory drive is used to drive air compressor and fuel pump. Pulley mounted on front of accessory drive, drives water pump and fan hub assembly by V-belts. WATER PUMP A  centrifugal  pump  mounted  to  front  of  cylinder  block.  It  contains  an  impeller  which  draws  coolant  from radiator,  through  water  transfer  connection,  and  circulates  it  through  cylinder  block,  cylinder  head cooling  passages,  and  engine-coolant  cooled  components.  Coolant  accumulates  heat  from  engine operation as it is circulated by water pump which returns it to radiator for heat dissipation. AIR  COMPRESSOR A two-cylinder reciprocating piston air pump, mounted to and driven by engine accessory drive. Air compressor is engine-oil lubricated and water-cooled by engine coolant and receives air for com- pression  through  pipe  and  fittings  from  air  intake  manifold.  Adjustable  governor,  mounted  to  air compressor  cylinder  head,  controls  maximum  air  pressure  output.  Air  compressor  outlet  is  connec- ted by tubes and fittings to air reservoir. FRONT  ENGINE  MOUNTING  BRACKET A steel bracket, with rubber bushings, that supports front of engine when in vehicle frame. It is attached to engine and bolts to frame crossmember. 1-7


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