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TM    5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Before  installing  cylinder  sleeves,  check  cylinder  sleeve  protrusion  as  described  in step 20. Be sure to install cylinder sleeves in their respective counterbores as tagged. 64.  Cylinder sleeve (3) Shims  or  spacer  (4) Install  onto  cylinder  sleeve. 65. New  gasket  (5) Install  in  gasket  groove  (6). Be  sure  gasket  is  not  twisted. 66. New  packing  (7) Install  in  packing  groove  (8). Be  sure  packing  is  not  twisted. 67. New   preformed packing  (9) Install in preformed packing groove (10). Be  sure  preformed  packing  is  not twisted. NOTE Lubricate  gasket,  packing,  and  preformed  packing  just  prior  to  installation.  The  packing and  preformed  packing  will  increase  in  size  when  they  are  in  contact  with  lubricating  oil for an extended period of time. 6 8 1 0 TA   242445 2-169


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