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TM   5-2815-241-34&P GEARCASE   COVER This  task  covers: a.  Disassembly  (page  2-172) b.  Cleaning/Inspection  (page  2-172) c. Repair  (page  2-174) d.    Assembly  (page  2-174) INITIAL  SETUP Tools Gage,  bore,  dial Handle,   ratchet,   1/2-inch   drive Mandrel,  ST-598 Press,  arbor Socket,  9/18-inch,  1/2-inch  drive Equipment   Condition Gearcase  cover  removed  (page  2-48). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS DISASSEMBLY 1.  Gearcase  cover  (1) Crankshaft  seal  (2) Remove. Discard. 2. Accessory  drive Remove. seal  (3) Discard. 3. Camshaft   support (4),  three  screws (5),   lockwashers (6),  and  flat washers  (7) Using  1/2-inch  drive  9/16-inch  socket  and ratchet  handle,  unscrew  and  take  off. Discard    lockwashers. 4.   Camshaft support  (4) CLEANING/INSPECTION Shim  pack  (8) NOTE Remove  from  camshaft  support. Hold  for  assembly. 5. For  general  cleaning  procedures,  see  General  Maintenance  Instructions  page  2-3. Gearcase  cover  (1) Inspect for cracks or other damage. If  cracks  or  other  damage  exists, discard   gearcase   cover. 2-172


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