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TM   5-2815-241-34&P OIL  PAN  -  Continued INITIAL  SETUP Tools Key,  square,  3/8-inch Key,  square,  1/2-inch Materials/Parts Equipment   Condition Gasket, drain plug Dye,  leak-detection  (item  7, appendix   B) Oil  pan  removed  from  engine  (page  2-44). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING/INSPECTION NOTE For  general  cleaning  procedures,  see  General  Maintenance  Instructions,  page  2-3. 1. Oil pan (1) a. Using  leak  detection  dye,  inspect  oil  pan for cracks. If  cracks  exists,  discard. b. Inspect  holes  for  damaged  threads. If  damage  exists,  discard. 2. Oil pan (1) Drain  plugs  (2) and  gasket  (3) a. Using  3/8-inch  and  1/2-inch  square keys, unscrew and take out. Inspect holes  and  drain  plugs  gasket  for damage. If  damaged,  discard. b. Using 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch square keys,  screw  in  and  tighten. NOTE TASK ENDS HERE FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE: Install oil pan (page 2-96). TA  242450 Change  1 2-175


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