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TM   5-2815-241-34&P LOCATION  AND  DESCRIPTION  OF  IDENTIFICATION  PLATES The  following  illustrations  show  the  location  of  identification  instruction  and  data  plates  on  the  NTC  290 diesel engine. These views are provided to show where each plate is located. Ref.  No.  522815-C91 Model  NTC-290 Date   of   Delivery Identification 092 0187 Valve lash cold .011 Int .023 Exh. Engine   Exhaust   Emission   Control   Information:   This engine   conforms   to   U.S.   Environmental   Protection Agency   regulations   applicable   to   1975   model-year Cont.  No.  D092083  BX01 So.  No.  15719 lnitial  injection  timing  code A8 heavy duty diesel engines. Engine  No.  10437196 Date   of   manufacture 3-75 Injector   travel   .170   Inch WARNING:      Injury   may   result   and   warranty   is   voided Manufactured   by   Cummins   Engine   Company,   Inc.,   U.S.A. 3002256 Injector   torque Inch  -  Lbs. if  fuel  rate,  RPM  or  altitudes  exceed  published  maximum valves   for   this   model   and   application. Family CPL Fuel  rate  at  advertised  HP  158mm 3  /stroke engine   conforms   to   California   regulation   applicable to   1975   model-year   heavy   duty   diesel   engines. Advertised HP290 at 2100 RPM Engine    Exhaust    Emission    Control    Information:        This TA   242337 1-8


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